Sahara Trek 2025


Day 1

We depart the UK for our overnight flight to Morocco. Upon arrival we transfer to our hotel in Ouarzazate. South of the High Atlas Mountains, Ouarzazate is a town created by the French in 1928 but is now the film centre of Morocco – the base for such films as 'Gladiator' and 'Alexander the Great'. As a relatively new town it does not have a city centre, but has a large Glaoui Kasbah which is well worth visiting. We have an early start in the morning so an early night is recommended!

Day 2: M'Hamid to Bougharn Dunes

Following a very early breakfast, we transfer from our hotel and set off for the desert. Our driving route goes along the Draa Valley - a long, stunning palm filled oasis with rocky mountains and Hamada (rock desert) on each side. After approximately a 4 hour drive (discounting photo and tea stops and our lunch at Ouled Driss) we arrive at M'hamid – the gateway of the desert. We'll then don our trekking boots before setting off into the dunes for the beginning of our challenge! To get us into the spirit of trekking in the desert we will have a short trek of about 2-3 hours today which will finish at our camp in the Bougharn Dunes.

Trekking distance - approx. 4km / 2 - 3 hours

Day 3 Bougharn Dunes to Chigaga Dunes

Today we set off with our camel trains and begin trekking through the dunes – there is no path to follow as they continually change in the wind. Our camels will find the best way through the dunes and in the event of a sandstorm we can protect ourselves by wearing a Seche (headscarf). This is part of the traditional costume worn by the nomadic Tuaregs that covers the face, ears and neck and provides protection from the wind-driven sand – they are also ours to keep as souvenirs from our challenge. Towards the end of our trek, we'll try and find the nomads' encampment and pay a visit to experience their unique way of life – they are very hospitable people and we may be asked to partake in a strong cup of mint tea or coffee. Tonight's camp is at the foot of the stunning Chigaga Dunes.

Trekking distance - approx. 10 - 12km / 6 - 7 hours

Day 4: Chigaga Dunes to Erg Aghoual

A very early start today before the sun rises – after waking, we'll have a very quick snack and then commence our climb up to the top of the Chigaga Dunes (100m). Our climb will be in the dark, but the moon and stars should be enough to light our way. Upon reaching the top, we'll rest and wait for the sunrise over the Sahara, then watch the colours of the dunes change in the sunlight – a truly breathtaking sight! After watching the sunrise, we descend in the heat of the morning sun back to our camp, where we will have our breakfast. After a short rest, we push on with our desert challenge towards our camp at Erg Arghoual which is around 7 hours away on foot.

Trekking distance - approx. 10 - 12km/7 - 8hrs

Day 5: Erg Aghoual to Ouarzatate

Following breakfast at camp, we push on to the end of our trekking challenge – it's a short walk to our waiting transport at Sidi Ab Nbi. We'll wave goodbye to our camels and the breathtaking Sahara and then transfer back to our hotel. This evening we will toast our achievements at a celebratory dinner!

Trekking distance - approx. 4km/ 2hrs

Day 6

We take an early morning transfer back to Marrakech, which gives us the afternoon free to explore before catching an evening flight back to the UK.

Sahara Trek