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My Experience as a Hospice Neighbour

21 Mar 2023

Volunteer Stories

End of life care is not just about medical or personal care. Simply keeping someone company or helping with practical tasks, like shopping or lifts to appointments is equally important and can make all the difference to the quality of someone's life.

Our Hospice Neighbour scheme brings together our patients with people in their local community who are willing to provide simple social and practical support for a few hours each week. We spoke to one of our Hospice Neighbours Rachel about her experience of volunteering: 

"I started volunteering about four years ago after my Father passed away from cancer. The support we had was amazing. I can't do anything medically to help those with cancer, but I can give my time. I house visit a number of people who are all lovely and kind. The families are all very welcoming and appreciate what I do. I mainly listen to all their stories and memories and I think they like the fact they are talking to someone outside of the family. I'm not saying it's not hard sometimes, it is, but it's also so rewarding and they are very grateful.

"A lot of my friends wonder how I do it but I honestly enjoy it, and we always have a laugh however bad things seem to be. Hopefully I am making life a little bit easier for the families I visit, just like they made my life a little bit easier when my Father was poorly."

St Peter's Hospice is looking for open, warm-hearted volunteers to provide social and practical support for people at the end of their life as part of our Hospice Neighbours scheme. If you can spare a few hours each week and would like to find out more please click the link below or call 0117 915 9448.

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