Cotswold Way

Cotswold Way

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* Excludes 10km / mile distance option

The Cirencester basecamp is the start of the 100 km looped route through the heart of the Cotswolds, providing a stunning setting for 2,000 adventurers to test themselves. Rolling hills, villages, the Cotswold Way, footpaths and trails, with some fabulous views en route. You'll get full support and hospitality, including optional 'university style' accommodation at basecamp, and with half and quarter distance options also - there's a Cotswold's Challenge for everyone.

If this event isn't quite right for you, then take a look at Ultra Challenges' unique events that may be of interest. They have 16 iconic challenges across the country which make up some of the best walks and trial runs across the UK. 

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22-23 Jun 2024